Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A DIY Manicure/Nail Salon at Home Party

Last weekend Ali of Tattered, Tagged, Treasured invited me to a manicure party. The food had the theme of finger foods--get it? And included homemade bruschetta, a chipotle bean salad dip I ate way too much of, and chili. I brought finger-like cookies and bread sticks. The main focus was definitely on the nails though.

My color tests
Ali provided adorable takeout boxes to test colors on and keep you jewelry in while she did your nails. They also included mini nail files as favors. The boxes were a hit with both the adults and children in attendance and were genuinely useful. Especially with the huge array of colors and types of nail polish. There was also a helpful labeling station in case you brought your own to keep track.

In addition to colors, there were glitters, magnetic nail polishes (very fun), stencils, and 3 dimensional effects. I got a manicure using glitter, a star sequin, and a nail art brush. And I think it looks fantastic, even if it is way more elaborate than my normal nails. That was part of the fun.

My finished nails. I'm a shooting star.

Ali set up a "nail salon" style station where she painted each persons nails. She had all the tools, soaking bowls, and hand lotions.  It was one of the nicest manicures I've ever gotten!

The party worked well as an activity party because people could test colors while waiting, eat and talk and the person getting hers done and the host doing nails could still hang out.


  1. This looks like way too much fun! Wish I could have flown across country to be there!

    1. Ali will have to do another one sometime when you are on the east coast, since you are the queen of nails! (And our inspiration)

    2. Yes!! How smoking would the party have been with Adiel there? Very!

      The post looks great. Makes my party look awesome!