Thursday, March 13, 2014

Samoa Cake Party

It's Girl Scout cookie season! You won't see any Girl Scout cookie knockoff recipes here, as I am a huge fan of the organization and will give them tons of money in exchange for their delicious cookies.

I will, however, make delicious Girl Scout cookie themed food & drinks with my super amazing friend Jeremy.

Samoa cocktail and cake.
I'm a Thin Mints person, but that doesn't stop me from loving Samoas. In the debate of which Girl Scout cookie is best (always an important one) my main vote is the one in front of me.

For a good Samoa party for the over 21 crowd, in addition to cookies, I recommend cake, cocktails, and for those of us with spelling issues, Samosas, and those of us bad at pronunciation, Qunioa (Kee-know-uh?)--or at least thats what we had.

For the cocktail:
Samoa Cocktail Recipe  (adapted from Tipsy Bartender
2 oz. Chocolate Liquor 
2 oz. Coconut Rum
1 oz. Amaretto
Drop of Chocolate Syrup
Optional Milk

Melted Chocolate and Toasted Coconut for garnish

Dip rims of glasses into melted chocolate and then lightly toasted coconut. Let set.

Put a drop of chocolate in the bottom of each glass, then shake and pour remaining ingredients. 

For the cake, I recommend this amazing and delicious recipe from Betsylife.

Enjoy! (We did)


  1. I love the idea of a chocolate and coconut "frosted" glass. Somehow that just makes it into drinking a samoa.

    1. The original had untoasted coconut--definitely use toasted.

      Also we should so do more edged glasses =)